Shoemaker Green

Shoemaker Green

33rd Street, foreground to
The Palestra


Planning Strategy:
Shoemaker Green is a new public commons, a welcoming open space of lawns, tree-lined walkways, and sitting areas. This new green space is both a destination and a pedestrian route from Locust and Smith Walks in the core of campus to the historic buildings surrounding the space and further eastward to the new Penn Park. Shoemaker Green sustainable site management will improve water quality and minimize runoff, reduce the effect of the urban heat island by greening large paved areas, restore biomass on site, increase local biodiversity, and improve the overall environment for the community.

The green space creates a variety of shaded and sunny places for informal play and leisure.

Total Project Cost:

2.75 acres

Fall 2012

Landscape Architect(s):
Andropogon Associates

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