ARCH Lounge Map detail


Location: 3601 Locust Walk

Phase: Completed

Planning Strategy:
The location of the ARCH is at an important crossroads of the campus, the intersection of Locust Walk and 36 th Streets.   Constructed in 1927-29 of the late-Gothic Revival period, it has richly detailed facade and interior.   The building previously housed three cultural centers, administrative offices, classroom, performance, and meeting space.   The restored ARCH serves as another focal point for student activities.

The design team selected was responsible for assessing the programmatic needs in relationship to the space, as well as conducting a feasibility study for the renovation of the interior and exterior of the ARCH building.   The feasibility study included analysis of the auditorium, basement, Crest Room, third floor meeting spaces, electrical and mechanical systems, facade repairs, and life safety system upgrades.

Total Project Cost:

29,000 GSF


SaylorGregg Architects

Project Manager:
Mark Breitenbach

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