As one of Penn's neighbors, you will be able to witness the transformation of the campus and its surroundings firsthand. This website is a helpful way keep up to date with the plan's progress, and the enhancements to campus envisioned in Penn Connects. To begin, click here to learn about the Goals of the Plan.

Construction is a constant fixture of the Penn campus, and one of the signs of a thriving university and city. Click here to see Penn Connects projects that are in construction.

When did this all begin? Look at our timeline for some historical perspective on Penn Connects, or to find out when one of your favorite buildings was constructed.

Penn Connects is far from the first major plan at Penn; planning has been part of our history since the beginning. For an overview of previous campus plans, look here.

As Penn grows, we know that it must be done with an eye on sustainable practices and with regard to our environment. Look at this page for some of our sustainability initiatives.