Alumni & Friends

Watching the campus expand and develop over the next decades will be most exciting for Penn alumni and friends. From research buildings and cultural venues to housing and green space, Penn Connects is an all-encompassing plan for the future of Penn’s campus and surrounding neighborhood, serving as the platform for our emergence as the premier urban teaching and research university.

Making History

Making History: The Campaign for Penn will fund key priorities in the Penn Connects plan and set in motion the plan’s conceptual framework: strengthening the academic core, creating open space and playing fields, and connecting the campus and the city.

Our sights are set on this truly exciting “Vision for the Future,” but history isn’t made alone. Realizing our ambitious plans will require the support of those who know Penn best — and that include you. With that in mind, we are delighted that you are here and encourage you now to discover for yourself what Penn Connects is all about.

Read about our vision and check out the top priorities such as Penn Park, Singh Nanotechnology Center, Weiss Pavilion, Neural-Behavioral Sciences, The ARCH and a New College House.

Don’t miss the animation of Penn campus growth.

We hope you’ll return regularly to track our progress and look forward to you joining us in making it happen.